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MSNS President’s Greg Mencotti


The idea of “collector mentality” elicits knowing smiles.

Some call it the “collector bug”; others think of accumulating and hoarding (and not in positive terms). A common mental picture is of the professorial nerd pinning another butterfly to his boards; president Franklin Roosevelt - stamp and tongs in hand.

Of course… the COIN collector. We fall squarely into the mainstream demographic profile of collector mentality: orderly, studious, reflective, relishing the thrill of the chase.

I’ve noted that the attitude of our significant other sheds light on our hobby and our ummmm…. habit. Some are partners in coining; some just roll their eyes and leave us be. A certain wife of mine has referred to my “dirty, filthy, disgusting, lice-ridden COINS!” (apologies to Mel Brooks).

So here’s my punch line – and it’s profoundly basic: Am I a lone ranger collector or social collector?

Speaking for myself, for about the first 50 years in numismatics I was lone. That’s a wonderful thing about coins – one can enjoy numismatics solo.

But now that I’m involved in clubs, interaction with like-minded, like-spirited collectors and dealers is very gratifying and highly rewarding. We challenge each other, share war stories and learn so much more than could our singular efforts. “None of us is as smart as all of us.”

So, what are you waiting for? Charleston area clubs: Charleston; South Charleston; St. Albans Huntington area: Brand new club – up & running!

It has been confirmed that MSNS will be hosting a small coin show on April 28th at the Middle School in Ravenswood, West Virginia.

The show is being sponsored by the City of Ravenswood through the office of Mayor Josh Miller.

Booths are also being made available to local antique and other collectible dealers.


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50/50 Drawing
Steven Pitts


Keith Eplion Danny Eplion
Terry Hess

Frank Stewart

Verlin Moore Dale Parsons
Blain Eddy Wade Thompson

Dwight Markham

Major Credit Cards Welcomed At MSNS Coin Shows




Senator puts hold on confirmation vote for U.S. Mint Director


US Mint 2018 Release Schedule


Did you know that there is 1917 Double Die Lincoln Cent?


As expected, the U.S. Mint’s new proof American Silver Eagle was its best-selling numismatic product of the week.

Released last Thursday, Jan. 4, the .999 fine silver coin notched first-day sales of 229,926 pieces. It advanced by another 13,485 pieces over the weekend for a four-day total of 243,411 coins

            The House of Representatives has approved the American Innovation $1 Coin Act, calling for 57 coins — a 2018 coin celebrating the first U.S. patent, signed by President Washington, and a coin celebrating an innovative accomplishment in every state, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territory. The common obverse would depict the Statue of Liberty. READ


2018 will be a bit more expensive for U.S. Mint customers. Mint raising prices on annual sets, America the Beautiful quarter dollar products  READ

Sponsoring Coin Clubs
OH-Kan Coin Club
Stonewall Jackson Coin Club
Parkersburg Coin Club
The Kanawha Valley Coin Club 
The Charleston Coin Club 
St. Albans Coin Club
River City Coin Club
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Compiled by Cecil Starcher Secretary


Native American 2018 Dollar

The Mint started accepting orders for rolls, bags and boxes of the Jim Thorpe dollars on Feb 15.

The 2018 Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Michigan ATB Quarter was released on February 7th.

Available from the P-D-S Mints

Once again the Grim Reaper has stolen one our dear friends. MSNS First Vice President Bill Wilcox succumbed to a heart attack on the 8th of February. Obituary


KVCC will be meeting at the South Charleston Church of Christ 309 4th Avenue. It is across from the library beside and to the right of the fire department. I have it reserved for March and April.    Terry Hess - El Presidente

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