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“We're On The Move”
Greg Mencotti - President

On Thursday November 9th at 7pm in the evening at the banquet room of the Holy Spirit Antiochian Orthodox Church 1 Woodhaven Drive Huntington, WV a meeting will be held to organize the River City Coin Club.

The success of our shows in Milton and Huntington has awakened the interest of many area collectors making it possible to get a new club off the ground.

We will be sending emails to all in the who have registered with us with the announcement along with press releases to CW and NN. Hopefully we can get local news media help as well.

I want to thanks Governors Jake Miller and Wilson Harrison for their efforts in making this possible.

If you are using the AOL Email service please know that our emails to you are being rejected and returned as undelivered. G-Mail appears to be working just fine.

On October 21st MSNS and the Parkersburg Coin Club will kick off our project of introducing Scouts to our wonderful hobby of collecting coins at 9am in the recreation hall of the South Parkersburg United Methodist Church 1813 Rayon Drive.

After a small presentation each Scout will be given new coin folders and directed to several tables piled high with Lincoln Cents.

Scouts will be given a one year free junior membership in the Parkersburg Coin Club and awarded a certificate from MSNS.

We wish to thank ALCO Distributing of Marion, Ohio for their participation in this project.

In coming months we will be sponsoring like events in the Charleston and Huntington communities.

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50/50 Drawing
Steven Pitts

Major Credit Cards Welcomed AT MSNS Coin Shows

Huntington Show


Keith Eplion Danny Eplion
Terry Hess

Frank Stewart

Verlin Moore Dale Parsons
Blain Eddy Wade Thompson

Dwight Markham

NGC recently received a fake 1972 Doubled Die Lincoln Cent, which is not something that we see often.

By Max SpiegelNumismatic ResearcherNGC

GENUINE 1972 Double Die Lincoln Cent – courtesy of Heritage Auctions.

There are a handful of varieties that are regularly seen faked, including the Philadelphia and Denver 1942/41 Mercury Dimes, the 1955 Doubled Die Cent, and the 1937-D Three-Legged Buffalo Nickel, though the latter is typically an alteration rather than an outright counterfeit. Counterfeits of other varieties are not particularly common, however, and can sometimes catch you off guard.

Counterfeit 1972 Double Die Cent

NGC recently received a fake 1972 Doubled Die Cent, which is not something that we see often. There are actually several varieties of doubled die obverse 1972 cents, but the most popular is FS-101 because of the extremely pronounced doubling on the date and mottos. Many collect this doubled die as part of the regular series, and as of 5/21/12 NGC has graded nearly 2,000 examples. According to the NGC US Coin Price Guide, even a low grade example sells for a few hundred dollars.

Those familiar with the 1972 Doubled Die will be able to identify this counterfeit with ease. Instead of the bold doubling seen on genuine examples, this piece has weakly defined legends that blend into the fields. The surfaces also have a pockmarked appearance with raised lumps, particularly around IN GOD WE TRUST and the N in ONE. Familiarity with the look of genuine specimens certainly helps, but the soft details and raised areas on this piece are telltale signs that it is a counterfeit.


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OH-Kan Coin Club
Stonewall Jackson Coin Club
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   St. Albans Coin Club

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Compiled by Cecil Starcher Secretary

New Limited Edition Edition Proof Set priced at $139.95 and is NOT recommended. it contains the same silver coins already in the regular 2017 silver proof set plus the Congratulations 2017-S ASE. The silver content is only around $40.00. This set is destined to lose value from the selling price. It is a loser.

The United States Mint today published images of the 2017 $25 American Palladium Eagle, the first issue in a new annual series of American Eagle bullion coins. Earlier this week, the agency announced that it would launch the coin program on Sept. 25.

United States Mint pricing has been announced for the upcoming 2017 American Liberty Silver Medal Set. The set of four 1-ounce .999 fine silver medals will be $199.95, according to a U.S. Mint memo published today on the Federal Register, the official source of notices by government agencies and a daily journal of their proceedings.

The memo is dated Thursday, Sept. 7, when LBMA silver was $17.79 an ounce, which indicates the Mint at that time was comfortable with a premium over spot of $32.20 per medal.

The United States Mint’s newest 5-ounce collectible was its best weekly seller. Celebrating the New Jersey portion of Ellis Island, the 3-inch coin launched on Sept. 7 for $149.95.






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