The price releases announced at the first of the year are for various annual Proof and Uncirculated sets, a number of America the Beautiful quarter dollar products (including the Uncirculated 5-ounce silver versions), numismatic versions of several numismatic American Eagle silver dollars, and more.

The accompanying table lists the 13 products, their 2018 prices, and what the Mint charged for them in 2017. 


2018 Price

2017 Price

Standard Proof Set  $27.95  $26.95
Silver Proof Set      $49.95 $47.95
Uncirculated Coin Set    $21.95 $20.95
America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set  $15.95  $14.95
America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set  $33.95 $31.95
Limited Edition Silver Proof Set   $144.95   $139.95
America the Beautiful Uncirculated Set   $13.95 $12.95
America the Beautiful Circulating Set $8.95  $5.95
America the Beautiful 5-Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin   $154.95    $149.95 
American Eagle 1-Ounce Silver Proof Coin  $55.95  $53.95
American Eagle 1-Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin $46.95  $44.95 
American Eagle 1-Ounce Silver Proof Bulk Pack (210 coins) $11,749.50 $11,329.50 
Congratulations Set   $56.95  $54.95