COIN ZIP CON'T - Isabella quarter, Norse medal,  and early copper.  There was an amazing 1924 S Standing Liberty Quarter which was toned in the brown and fire orange that you occasionally see on them.  It was a nice MS63 raw coin, but the dealer was working with somebody who was selling a collection, so I didnít bother him.  One customer was negotiating with a dealer on a Braided hair cent.  The dealer had it marked EF, but the customer was trying to negotiate the price down to VF.  Collector coins seemed to be selling well.  I saw several collectors with their bookshelf albums filling holes of Walking Liberty half dollars, early Lincoln cents and Franklin halves.  I was thrilled and amazed to see a show reminding me of years gone by. 

 Cecil Starcher and the Mountain State Numismatic Society (MSNS) did an excellent job putting on the show.  The MSNS will have a larger show in Huntington, WV in July, and I would invite everybody within driving distance to go.  For me, it will be a 6 hour drive, but I plan to go. 

Thanks to Alan (Coin Zip) for placing the weekly show schedule on the PCGS' U.S. Coin forum.  Had it not been for Alan placing the weekly show schedule, I would not have known about this show."  Review by: Michael Dixon   -   Published in Coin Zip Saturday April 15, 2017     <BACK

COIN WORLD CON'T - Mencotti has avidly collected coins for over 50 years. Mencotti specializes in investment grade 19th century gold, Morgan dollars and scarce types and varieties. Mencotti is active in the PCGS Registry program, having formed 16 sets that rank No. 1 or No. 2. Locally a member of the Kanawha Valley Coin Club, he also participates in or contributes to the American Numismatic Association, Numismatic Consumer Alliance, Liberty Seated Collectors Club, CONECA and John Reich Collectors Society.

Address general society inquiries via email to
Mencotti. Charter membership and coin show inquiries should be directed by email to Starcher.  <BACK

225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set CON'T

While their enhanced uncirculated finish is unique, these coins and their specifications match those from within the U.S. Mintís 2017 Proof Set. Hereís a partial Mint description of the anniversary set:

"This coin set contains 10 coins with an enhanced uncirculated finish using a combination of laser frosted areas and an unpolished field that accentuates design details, creating a unique contrast distinctly different from the mirror-like finish of proof coins."

The regular 2017 Proof Set is available without limits for $26.95. It launched on March 29 and has to-date sales of 292,156. It should reach around the 600,000 level before all is said and done.

Far fewer anniversary sets will be sold. There is no mention yet on pricing, but its mintage is capped at 225,000 without any per household order restrictions.

For more information about the set, visit its produce page right here. <BACK