MSNS Bourse Application
TABLE FEE: $45.00 / $35.00 MSNS Members

Date of show you wish to participate:_________________________________________

Number of 8 foot tables you require:_____ (All table available on a first-come first-served basis.)
Dealer's/Company's name:_________________________________________________
Phones: (Landline)________________________ (Cell)___________________________
Mailing Address:_________________________________________________________
E-Mail Address:__________________________________________________________
Signature:____________________________ Date__________

(Your signature indicates that you have read and agree to abide with the conditions set forth as follows).

1) That you will not hold the MSNS Board of Governors and general membership or the Officers and general membership liable or accountable for items, equipment or money that may be lost, stolen or damaged. That you will provide for your own security.

2) That you will not hold the MSNS Board of Governors and general membership or the Officers and general membership accountable for any possible injury that may befall you or a member of your party while on the show premises including the parking area. That you will take due-diligence in seeing to yours and your party's safety.

3) That you promise to abide by accepted business practices conducting your affairs in an honorable fashion. That you will not knowingly sell, trade or gift any item that is not genuine without full disclosure. That you agree to a refund or exchange any item that may prove to be questionable during show hours.

4) Each dealer will provide a coin or coins with a retail value of no less than $10.00 to be given away as door prizes.

NOTE: It is required that dealers provide BLACK cloth covers for their table(s). Dealers are expected to have their table(s) ready for business at the show's start at 10am. Dealers who close their tables to business before the show's scheduled end at 3pm will not be invited to participate in future MSNS's shows. The only exception will be for family emergencies.

Copy and Print. Mail with payment of $_____  Check #_____ (Required in full by the 15th of the month prior to the show. However be advised not to wait too long as most show dealer tables are sold within the days after sach chow.) Make check payable to: MSNS - Mail to: Bourse Chairman POB 555, Pinch, WV 25156-0555 Any application not accepted will be returned with payment to the sender.